Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom – Autobiography Book


Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, is most widely known for his superior morals and political decisions. Mandela’s experiences as a political leader were based on his lifelong dedication to end apartheid  and majority rule. In his autobiography book “Long Walk to Freedom”, Mandela depicts how his destiny as a born leader served as an important tool in his quest to peaceably create a multiracial government, while fighting for human rights and racial equality, in addition to keeping his family together. Nelson Mandela has been and still is a vital force of the South African people’s rights, and multi racial democracy. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his triumphant and unwavering efforts succeeded though not without hardships. Nelson Mandela vividly culminates the dramatic escapades that he had to deal with, leading up to the famous 1964 Rivonia Trial in which he ends up being sentenced to life imprisonment.  Political warfare took over his reign while he was thrown into prison for 27 years. All the while he recounts the events of his prison life, and the delicate negotiations that led to his freedom in 1990 and the beginning of the end, of apartheid. He fought hard for racial freedom –especially against what the majority would agree to or believe in.  “Long Walk to Freedom” is an autobiography book that any Mandela fan will enjoy.

Nelson Mandela born on July 18, 1918 was a former South African President from 1994-1999. Prior to his presidential reign, he served 27 unwarranted years in prison all the while fighting for people’s rights, democracy, and the end of apartheid, finally being released in 1990. He is also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.  SEE THIS BOOK ON SALE

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